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Warzone stats are not available due to Activision's decision. If the company changes its decision, we will definitely add the statistics to our services.


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The most up to date Call of Duty / Warzone content, the best META builds, up to date interactive maps, camo tracker and the best community.
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WZHUB is building an ecosystem of services around Call of Duty Warzone, MWIII and MW2. META Loadouts, DMZ / Zombies interactive maps, Camo Tracker -available to you in a couple of clicks from one place.

About our WZHUB services

Welcome to the best-in-class ecosystem of services for Call of Duty Warzone, DMZ, MW2 and MW3! Get the best META Loadouts to dominate the game. Use DMZ interactive maps to complete missions and earn rewards. Join our Community to share your Loadouts. All of this is also available in our mobile apps and via Discord bot. All services are absolutely free and available to everyone.

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