Free discord bot with warzone 2 stats & loadouts
warzone discord bot


Improve your server by installing our ultimate bot for Warzone! Bot is absolutely free and has no paid features, just install it on your server and get the maximum functionality.

Available commands:

  • /meta - Get the list of META weapons for Warzone 2.0 / Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone Caldera
  • /wz2-meta - Get the list of META weapons and builds for Warzone 2.0 / DMZ with Tuning details
  • /mw2-meta - Get the list of TOP weapons and builds for Modern Warfare 2 with Tuning details
  • /warzone-caldera-meta - Get the list of TOP weapons and builds for Modern Warfare 2 with Tuning details
  • /loadout-warzone2 - Find build for any weapon from Warzone 2.0 / DMZ
  • /loadout-caldera - Find build for any weapon from Warzone Caldera
  • /loadout-mw2 - Find builds for any weapon from Modern Warfare 2
  • /stats - Get real-time statistic for any player, including Last 100 Games stats
  • /regme - Link your discord with game profile to use quick command
  • /mystats - Quick command to get your stats after linking
  • /patch-notes - Get the latest patch notes in easy to read design
  • /camo-tracker - Use this command to get link to Orion & Mastery Camo Tracker
  • /helpme - All commands in one place
  • /support - Our socials and contact details
All-time Statistics
Our bot gives you access to all-time player statistics for Warzone 2.0 / DMZ / Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone Caldera.
The information provided by the bot is very simple and clear, beautifully designed commands and answers. You can easily divide commands between chats using the built in discord bot manager tool.
Get META builds on the best weapons. The list is updated regularly according to released patches and hotfixes.

How it works?

Just add our bot to your server and it will make your users happy with its functionality. Bot does not require Admin/Mods permissions for its work (compared to competitors' bots).

Is it free?

Yes, all of the bot's functionality is completely free. There is no fee or subscription - all functionality is available for every discord server owner.

What can a bot do?

The bot has several commands. The main commands are 3:
  • Access to player’s statistics
  • Access to META weapons and their builds
  • Find builds for your favorite weapon

Warzone 2 Discord Bot

We offer best-in-class Discord bot for getting Warzone 2 Stats, as well as for getting META loadouts.